By Dr. Afzaal -VDS™ Chief Biomedical Staff Writer.
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Covid-19 is causing massive disruption in terms of its spread and fatalities. Globally, every country is struggling to introduce new ways to combat the coronavirus.

According to researchers at the University of Toronto, and based on their latest laboratory results, they have confirmed that a face mask created by i3 Biomedical Inc., can deactivate the coronavirus. Operated by the U of T department of molecular genetics, in the Faculty of Medicine, the independent tests were headed by Professor Scott Gray-Owen. The state-of-the-art containment level 3 (CL3) lab was approached by i3 Biomedical Inc, to perform and test the efficacy of the new PPE mask.

The Quebec-based company released the mask on July 7th of this year. It is claimed as the world’s first anti-viral face mask.  On the company website, it is sold under the trade name TrioMed Active Mask.

The idea behind this mask: 

Since the start of the pandemic, many textile and technical industries have accelerated their production for PPEs and face masks. Most of the companies have used creative solutions such as lamination and coating technologies to create chemical and biological protection for individuals. 

However, not all masks are created equal in stopping Covid-19.  For example, there are huge protection differences between your typical fabric masks and the N95 masks. 

  • N95 masks were capable of giving maximum protection against Covid-19, but they weren’t washable, which made them high on cost. 
  • While fabric masks were washable, but they did not have enough capacity to protect against COVID-19. 

The health field needed a product that could address these issues.

How can these new masks deactivate the virus? 

The company says about the TrioMed Active Mask

“We do not claim for these masks to kill the coronavirus, but still, it can deactivate this virus.” 

Image courtesy of i3 Biomedical Inc. (

How does it work?

This mask works on the same principle as washing your hands with soap. There are chemical reactions in regular soap which can easily deactivate the coronavirus present on your hands, fingers, and even body. 

This company implemented the same idea into these face masks. They impregnated some specific chemicals into the face masks material to deactivate the virus. 

The company went to three or four chemical manufacturing companies who were claiming to have products for deactivation of the virus. 

These products were anti-microbial, but they were successful in deactivating the covid-19 virus as well. 

The chemical which the company used is called HeiQ Viroblock. They combined it with other chemicals and fused it into the top fabric layer of the mask. 

What are the other benefits of these masks? 

Benefits and the features of the face mask include: 

  • VFE (Viral filtration Efficiency) of more than 99.99 percent 
  • BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) of over 99.99 percent 
  • Active protection against microbes with an outer layer of masks is more than 99.99 percent 
  • Meets Level 3 of ASTM F2100 
  • Can easily meet the EN 14683 Type IIR European Medical Device Standard 
  • This mask has five years of shelf-life 
  • The cost of this mask is not high to make it available for the use of a common man. 

According to the manufacturer, coronavirus takes about 3-5 minutes for deactivation. 

Both polyester and cotton are used in the manufacturing of this mask. The most inner layer of the mask is of cotton. The next layer contains a chemical protection filter layer not to make contact with the skin. The outer layer of the mask comprises the HeiQ Viroblock layer of chemicals. 

The TrioMed Active Mask is designed for one time single use.  It is non-washable, and considered a medical mask. It is projected to be used within a typical 8hr shift.


Virus Disinfecting Services (VDS™) will be providing these new masks to all of the service technicians and field agents. With the latest technical achievements in the biomedical sector, these masks will help create another layer of protection to all employees, the health care professionals and laboratory technicians to fight against COVID-19 outbreaks. The new face mask is cost-effective, innovative, and capable of deactivating coronavirus.

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