By Dr. Afzaal -VDS™ Chief Biomedical Staff Writer.
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Potentially deadly pathogens in the public and private environments call for immediate disinfection services. A new and advanced infection, named COVID-19, has created an urgency for businesses and individuals to seek disinfection services offered by VIRUS DISINFECTING SERVICES, LLC (VDS). With spread of new aggressive pathogens, service-providers such as VDS hold excellent knowledge and expertise in the field of disinfection.

COVID-19 is spreading at an alarming rate, hence, requiring high-quality disinfection services to mitigate against the spread of this communicable disease. Disinfection services operator such as VDS holds sufficient knowledge of disinfectants procedures and methods and uses them properly to yield excellent results. There are only a few service-providers who hold certification in the field that ensures 100% results against certain pathogens.

When looking for experts who can provide guaranteed results against COVID-19 and other human life hazardous communicable diseases; for utmost protection against the disease, certification is proof that VDS technicians are experts in the field and how much they understand disinfection techniques.

VDS Owner Tu A. Le exiting a residential property that was just sanitized and disinfected due to a recent Covid-19 outbreak.

NIDS Environmental Disinfecting Certification

Tu A. Le, the owner of VIRUS DISINFECTING SERVICES, LLC recently completed his specialization in environmental disinfection. He stands among a small list of individuals in the State of California who holds the certification from the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS).

Mr Le states, “Our knowledge in the field is enhanced and improved after receiving the certification, which enables us to manage certain outbreaks and pandemic with distinction. We have a team of elite technicians who understands their job and offer high-quality services to clients.”

Our Advanced Methods of Environmental Sanitation

The certification involves hands-on training that equipped us with the latest technology and methods of disinfection. Furthermore, it enhances our knowledge of disinfectants and ensures we use the most current and effective approaches that are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) against certain pathogens. The certification helps in improving the knowledge regarding pathogens as well, which is extremely helpful in tackling a variety of pathogens. The certification further helps with disinfecting dwelling such as hospitals, parks, offices, houses, and much more.

Case Study

VDS follows a stringent but efficient technique when working in a hospital environment. Our company uses electrostatic spraying technology in hospitals to remove hospital-acquired infections (HAI). For example, in conjunction with our EPA List N. approved disinfectants, the dwell/kill time for stubborn pathogenic spores such as C. diff is only 4 minutes (based on a 4306 ppm concentration). Therefore, we are able to quickly disinfect the whole vicinity in time for the next room patient. Clostridium difficile is an anaerobic, Gram-positive, spore-forming bacterium that is the leading cause of nosocomial infectious diarrhea worldwide. This is just one treatment, whereas we use other sanitizing treatments in conjunction with this one for excellent results.

Why Is Disinfection Necessary?

Disinfection is the quickest and easiest way to rid an environmental of potentially human pathogen hazards. It keeps overall dwelling clean and healthy. As COVID-19 is infecting millions of people in the world, a proper disinfection technique can assist in ridding of infectious pathogens in no time. Our certification enables us to use proper disinfectants that work against this stubborn pathogen. Our experts in the team are here for you to provide you exceptional services with 100% effectiveness.

Contact Us

Call VIRUS DISINFECTING SERVICES, LLC now and hire a team of professional experts to disinfect your hospital, daycare, school, park, office, restaurant, or any dwelling at affordable prices. You can contact our team of experts who are available 24/7 to help you.

By Dr. Afzaal -VDS™ Chief Biomedical Staff Writer.
Copyright ©2020 VDS - Virus Disinfecting Services™

The Covid-19 pandemic is a global problem; the virus has limited everyone to his or her households. Many people are working from home which means that the majority of the workplaces are shut down until further notice.

Offices and workplaces are a significant cause of concern for the professionals. It is because different people are coming to work under a single roof. It is the ideal place where a virus can spread rapidly. Hence, it is the responsibility of the business owners to disinfect the place in order to prevent viral transmission of the virus.

What Does CDC Suggest About Disinfection of Workplaces?

CDC recommends cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces at the workplace, especially the high touch surfaces like

  •         Tables
  •         Doorknobs or handles
  •         Light Switches
  •         Countertops
  •         Handles
  •         Desks
  •         Phones
  •         Keyboards
  •         Toilets
  •         Faucets
  •         Sinks
A trained VDS™ technician electrostatically spraying disinfecting solution to workspace desktops and equipment.

Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting?

Cleaning is the practice of washing all surfaces with soap and water. It is something that we do in the routine. On the other hand, disinfecting is a much thorough cleaning process. It involves the use of disinfectants or chemicals that are EPA registered.

Procedure for Disinfection

To disinfect the soft surfaces, clean those with EPA registered disinfectants. Consider sending whatever is possible to laundry by taking certain precautions.

Electronic Surfaces

These include:

  •     Tablets
  •     Touch screens
  •     Keyboards
  •     Remove controls
  •     ATMs

These areas are challenging to clean. It is because of the crevices between the buttons. Do not use soap or water to disinfect. Use 70% alcohol to clean these surfaces. Make sure to dry it carefully.


These include:

  • Clothing
  • Towel
  • Linen or others

Launder all the above items in warm water and dry them. When you are handling the laundry of a sick person, avoid shaking it. You can then clean these items using the guidelines for disinfecting soft surfaces. Laundry of items is only useful for workplaces where the employees work overnight.


The VDS™ team can disinfect large areas and get your business back up and running right away.

Why Are Disinfection Services Important?

The guidelines by the CDC about the disinfection of the workplace require extreme care. There are several things to look after when disinfecting the workplace. Here is where the disinfection services come in. Below are some reasons why their services are important

Trained professionals

An untrained person will not know how or what to do in such a case. Such people are not aware of what disinfectant to use. Furthermore, they will not be able to disinfect the workplace properly. People at disinfection services are highly trained in this field. They know the standard procedures and guidelines to do the task. These people are well aware of all the prerequisites of disinfecting the workplace. Overall, they are professionals of the disinfection procedure.

Handling the disinfectants

There are many hazards to handling disinfectants. The list for EPA registered disinfectants has its lists of hazards. If you do not follow precautions, then it can lead to some severe negative results. People disinfecting the workplace must know about OSHA’s hazard standard (29 CFR 1910.1200). But luckily, the people at disinfection services know about these standards as well. They will perform the entire process by considering these standards.

Safety for the employees at the workplace

The people at disinfection services not only disinfect the workplace. They are well aware of how to reduce side effects due to exposure to the disinfectants. Hence, they are careful about not leaving any residues behind. Additionally, these people also provide your employees with knowledge about the disinfection procedure. Employees more aware of the procedure can practice cleaning at home as well.


Disinfection is a tedious procedure. If you do not perform it carefully, it can lead to the spread of the virus in the workplace. Disinfection services, on the other hand, are professionals in their field. They are well aware of all the standard requirements and practices. Therefore, we should always prefer to hire companies that provide disinfection services over non-standard ways of disinfection.


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