By Dr. Afzaal -VDS™ Chief Biomedical Staff Writer.
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The rise in epidemics and a variety of illnesses in our society have left us worrying about plenty of stuff. Every time we leave our house to buy groceries or even to go to our workplace, we worry about one thing, the fear that we will somehow contaminate ourselves and everything around us with bacteria or viruses. It is an authentic cause of concern. Mainly due to the different types of outbreaks that we see daily. Improper cleaning can increase the risk of getting infected for everyone in the house. Every time we step back into our house, there is a risk that we may contaminate our homes.

Plenty of methods and tutorials will ask you to disinfect your house. However, rarely do they tell you about the right procedure to do so. Read on further to learn about the standard procedure to disinfect your homes.


Viruses and bacteria are not that easy to get rid of. Therefore, CDC recommends that you clean as well as disinfect your house. Before starting this process, you should be aware of the high touch surfaces. People can contaminate these surfaces. Hence, they require cleaning and disinfection much more frequently.

Examples of High Touch Surfaces Include:
  •  Doorknobs
  •  Counters
  •  Controllers which includes remotes of all appliances
  •  Faucets and their knobs
  •  Toilet seats and handles
  •  Switches

You are the only one who is aware of your homes. Pay close attention to the types of surfaces in your homes. Also, note the different surfaces that come in contact most frequently.


Before starting the cleaning process, wear disposable gloves. Routinely clean your house with soap and water. Create a schedule for cleaning the house. Mainly include high touch surfaces during this routine.


CDC recommends that you use EPA registered disinfectants for this purpose. However, the below-mentioned household disinfectant agents are easily available.

Household bleach solution

To use bleach for disinfection, you will need to dilute it first. For making a dilution mix 5 tablespoons of bleach for every gallon of water. Allow proper ventilation in the room during disinfection. You will have to leave the bleach solution for a minute on the surface.

Alcohol solution

Read the manufacturer’s label. If it is 70% alcohol, then you will not have to dilute it. On the other hand, if it is concentrated alcohol, then dilution is necessary. To make 70% dilution mix 70mL of alcohol and 30mL of water.

  •  Always make sure that you wear disposable gloves.
  •  Always make sure that the area you are about to disinfect is properly ventilated.
  •  Always make sure to wash your hands after disinfecting the house.
  •  Always make sure that you do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth without washing your hands.
  •  Always read the instructions before using any type of chemical for disinfection.
  •  Always make sure that you dispose of the contaminated gloves in a separate trash bag.

The disinfection of the house is the most important thing to do. It is important to protect your loved ones from getting ill. However, you can always get help from professional services to assist you with the process.

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